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DIY Home Comfort Tips

by | Nov 10, 2020

There are some simple things you can do to ensure your house is safe and regulated.

When caring for your home, we often focus on the things we need to do on a day to day basis like getting the groceries or doing the laundry. But what about checking up on the things that help keep us safe in our home? We have curated our top Do It Yourself Home Comfort Tips to make sure you and your family feel protected.

Check up on your gas appliances

Don’t wait for the heating season to arrive to check on your gas appliances. It is a simple thing to add to your to-do list to ensure everything is up to code. A good rule of thumb is to have your checkups done in the summer, so you are ready to go by winter.

Change and clean your filters regularly

Filters allow clean air to mix with natural gas so that the energy being produced is done efficiently and cleanly. Dirty filters on the furnace will increase heating costs because the furnace is not running properly. Keeping dirty filters will also reduce the lifespan of your appliances.

Here are 3 tips to remember:

  • Check disposable filters once a month and replace them every two months during the heating and cooling season.
  • Wash and rinse permanent filters every two months.
  • Clean electronic air filters every two months.

Examine the fan

When checking up on your fan, be sure to always turn off all electric power first! Make sure the funs on the blower are clean, and be sure the fan housing is clean.

Check the humidifier

If your home has proper humidity during the summer cooling season and the winter heating season, it will be more comfortable, plus your energy costs will be less! Remember to clean your humidifier regularly, at least once every two months, and be sure to replace the pad once a year.

Keep your furnace room clean

We know, this can be a tough one, but it is crucial to make sure your furnace room can be properly accessed. Below is a list of DONT’S that are important to remember:

  • Never store chemicals, chlorine, paint thinners, or gasoline in the furnace room.
  • If you are using these chemicals in the room, turn the power off to the appliance while working with the chemicals and open up windows during and after use. When fumes have dissipated, you can turn the power back on to the appliance.
  • Keep an area of at least two feet around the furnace clear to ensure a free flow of air to the furnace.
  • Never completely close off the furnace room with walls and solid doors.

Keep heating areas clean

Keep return air grilles, hot-air registers, radiators, and space heaters clear of furniture, rugs, and drapes so air can move freely.

Seal furnace ducts

Ensure more heated or cooled air is reaching its destination and not leaking, be sealing accessible furnace duct seams with duct tape.


The bottom line? The cleaner you can keep these items, and make sure regular maintenance is attended to, you should be in good shape!

Change your thermostat batteries

Check your thermostat batteries or replace them every season (heating season, cooling season) it’s a simple thing that can save you money on a service call.