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Natural Gas Uses

Natural Gas Uses

Using Natural Gas is a very reliable way to provide energy to your home or business. It is cost-effective and better for the environment. Check out the various use cases to see how you can make Natural Gas work for you.

1. Hot Water Heater

Did you know that heating water is the second-largest use of energy? Hot water supply is essential to have in most cases, which means a more efficient way of supplying it is important. That’s where natural gas can help.

2. Dryer

Dryers account for another nice to have appliance in your home and are utilized by Canadians everywhere. If you want to save money on your electrical bill, a gas line dryer will do the trick! It is more cost-effective, can dry loads in half the time, produce less static cling, and can keep your clothes from wrinkling.

3. Cook Stove

Connecting your kitchen to a gas line not only means your stove top will heat up faster, but your gas range will last you through power outages as well. Plus, if you are an outdoor grill master, with your gas line already in place, you can connect your BBQ to the line, meaning you will never run out of propane again!

4. Generator

Having a back-up gas lined generator for all those ‘what-if’ scenarios is really important. Things like power outages can be highly unpredictable and most often come at the worst time. You can’t plan for mother nature to be disruptive on power lines, so having a generator is a great investment for your home or business.

5. Pool Heater

Love hanging out in your pool all summer long? With a gas lined pool heater, you can maximize your swimming season into the Fall. A gas pool heater is a significantly more effective way to heat your pool and maintain that warmth.

6. Industrial

Natural gas is a great source for commercial uses like kilns and large factories. While you are planning your needs for natural gas, be sure to contact our office and we can discuss the process together to ensure you have everything you need to be set-up correctly.